Ragava International Statistical Institute

Welcome to Ragava International Statistical Institute (RISI). RISI is a phenomenal research Centre for statistics, primarily established to render standard statistical techniques to improve healthcare quality and healthcare research, in addition to business improvement.

RISI is an institute primarily focusing on improving statistical skill, research proficiency and healthcare quality. Our dedicated team offers teaching, training, assistance and expert advice with an intention to enhance both awareness and application of various statistical tools and techniques.

Healthcare quality takes a toll due to medical errors, to which the IOM attributes maximum mortality and morbidity; majority being preventable. However, the eyes cannot see what the mind doesn’t know. At RISI, we aim to enrich bright minds with the knowledge of potential and plausible errors in healthcare and ways to overcome them. This will enable recognition of causes for error and administration of strategic techniques to circumvent, minimize or prevent mishaps altogether, thereby improving the quality of healthcare services.

Various training and certification programs have been specially designed to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals of varying designations, with a view to augment their expertise in healthcare quality. (For more information go here).

Apart from healthcare tutelage, subject classes are offered by talented teachers, in mathematics, statistics, accountancy and operations research, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Biostatistics is available for Nursing and Allied health sciences. (For more information go here).

RISI also offers consultancy services and research aid. Our consultancy service facilitates FMEA, RCA and Six sigma projects. (For more information go here). We provide assistance in project and thesis writing, along-with assistance in publication of articles in journals. (For more information go here).

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