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About RISI

Welcome to the Ragava International Statistical Institute (RISI), we are dedicated to setting a global standard for principled statistical practices in healthcare. Our primary focus is on enhancing the quality of healthcare and healthcare research, as well as contributing to business improvement.

At RISI, we believe in the transformative power of principled statistical methodologies to elevate healthcare standards on a worldwide scale. Through our commitment to cutting-edge research and the continuous advancement of data analytics, we aim to be at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare, ensuring that every decision is informed, ethical, and aligned with the highest standards of quality and patient safety.

Our Achievements

Authorized Training Organization

RISI is an ATO (Authorized Training Organisation) by NAHQ (National Association for Healthcare Quality), USA, indicates that we meet their standards and guidelines for delivering high-quality education and training in the field of healthcare quality.

Commitment to sustainability

Nearly 85% of our dedicated professionals have achieved the esteemed CPHQ certificate, reinforcing their expertise in global healthcare quality. Moreover, we proudly maintain a flawless 100% success rate for individuals seeking the CPPS Certification, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Excellence in Healthcare Quality

We collaborated with esteemed senior healthcare quality experts from the US & created an innovative healthcare quality improvement model, published in the Joint Commission Journal (JCI) which was entitled as 'DMCIB': Define, Measure variation, Control variation, Develop internal threshold, and Benchmark.

Message From Founder


Dr. Thennarasu Maruthamuthu


Data analytics, particularly through visualization, significantly influences organizational decision-making, fostering ongoing improvements in quality. Applying proper statistical techniques to health data visualization enhances healthcare quality, potentially sparking a substantial shift in organizational culture. When organizational leadership recognizes the impact of healthcare data analytics on quality improvement, it can elevate the appreciation for every initiative undertaken by healthcare professionals.

Data visualization in healthcare involves the presentation of complex healthcare data in graphical or visual formats, making it easier for healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers to comprehend, analyse, and derive insights. It plays a crucial role in transforming complex data into actionable insights, fostering better decision-making, and ultimately improving patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Leg fracture cannot be diagnosed by an obstetrician, and child delivery cannot be performed by an Orthopedic surgeon. In general, you have to approach the right person at the right time to get the desired outcome. Achieving proficiency in Statistics and overcoming challenges in learning healthcare data analytics requires expert guidance. The founder of RISI is a renowned statistician who excels in resolving complexities and obstacles related to statistical study and its practical application.


Dr. Dinesh Parasuraman

Behind the success of RISI, lies the hand of our beloved and brilliant erstwhile CEO, Dr. Dinesh Parasuraman, who was the architect of this institute. Driven by a passion for community empowerment, he dedicated his life to empowering healthcare professionals in quality and patient safety. On 12.06.2021, we bid farewell to this remarkable leader. Today, we stand committed to realizing his vision, ensuring RISI continues to serve and uplift the community. As we pay tribute to his enduring contributions, we pledge to honor his memory by upholding the standards of excellence he set forth. forging ahead with the same dedication and purpose that fueled his inspiring journey.

Our Goals

Utilize appropriate statistical methods that align with the nature of the data.

Risi mission


Our mission is to foster a data-driven culture through education & research, and promote evidence-based practices in healthcare quality, patient safety and clinical practice by the application of statistics. We are committed to reduce the cost of healthcare by leveraging innovative approaches in data analysis, fostering sustainable practices, and driving efficiencies across the healthcare system.

RISI vision


To establish a global standard for statistical analysis in healthcare quality, patient safety, and clinical practice, and offer high quality training and research for healthcare professionals, hospitals and healthcare organizations.