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About Our Self

Welcome to Ragava International Statistical Institute (RISI). RISI is a phenomenal research Centre for statistics, primarily established to render standard statistical techniques with a view to improve health care quality and health care research, in addition to business improvement. RISI is a Centre of expertise, offering coaching and research opportunities to improve both health care quality and statistical science.

As per IOM, medical errors attribute to the maximum mortality and morbidity. RISI aims to target preventable medical errors by providing the best techniques to reduce the various pitfalls in medical services, through the application of credible statistics. The main areas of focus at RISI are the application of statistical techniques in health care quality improvement, developing new models for health quality and patient safety. In addition to the vibrant six sigma projects in health care, the Institute conducts training for CPHQ and CPPS aspirants and offers various certificate courses such as MINITAB, SPSS, SIX SIGMA and Big Data Analytics.

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Our Achievements

Our Goals

To use the correct Statistical techniques for the correct data .


To become a pre-eminent international center for statistical research with a goal to ingenerate monumental transformation in health care quality, clinical research and patient safety, be a prime provider of outstanding practices and opportunities promoting business excellence.


To advance professional competency of diverse learners through sustained professional development in Statistics, Clinical research, Quality Improvement and Patient safety in order to support research acumen of clients with evidence-based methodology.

Message From Founder

Importance of Healthcare Data Analytics

“Data analytics, especially data visualization plays a massive role in organizational decision making which enforces continuous quality improvement. Health data visualization with proper statistical techniques greatly improves health care quality. A persistent attempt to envisage healthcare quality data would lead to a humongous change in the organizational culture. If the impact of healthcare data analytics on healthcare quality improvement is acknowledged by the organizational leadership, then every initiative taken by the healthcare professional would be significantly appreciated.”

Importance of Statistics

“Leg fracture cannot be diagnosed by an obstetrician whereas child delivery cannot be performed by an Orthopedic surgeon. In general, you have to approach right experts at right time to resolve the problems and get the required outcome. To the apt knowledge in Statistics and break complex barriers in learning health care data analytics learning you have to approach the best Statistician. RISI has one of the expert and renowned Statisticians who can solve all your chaos and stumbling blocks related to statistical study and application in daily practice”.

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